Designed and made in Italy

When choosing stockings, you want to ensure you look and feel great. Our manufacturers have created amazing quality hosiery with you in mind. They use premium Italian Yarn to produce tights that offer superior comfort, support and durability, whatever you are doing. And our subscription service ensures you'll never worry about ill-fitting tights again.


Our Classic 20 denier tights are high-quality, sheer and comfortable, providing a polished, elegant look. Designed to be invisible on the legs, they offer ultimate style and comfort, making them a versatile essential that complements your uniform and enhances your skin tone.

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Graduated Compression

Graduated compression hosiery plays a vital role in enhancing well-being during long flights. Our progressive options apply gentle pressure that promotes better blood flow and circulation in the legs and feet and reduces the risk of swelling. By minimising muscle fatigue and aiding in recovery, they ensure you'll stay comfortable and energized throughout your demanding schedules.

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Ladder Resistant

Tired of replacing you tights mid-flight? Try our Ladder Resistant option. Instead of creating a ladder if pulled or caught, the material holds its shape and instead you may end up with a small hole, meaning you wouldn't have to change them immediately.

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